MINDSET, MEALS & MOVEMENT Strategies to lose weight & Strengthen your faith

Learn the Stay Fit for Life Mindset, Meals & Movement strategies that are essential for faith-based women 40+ to lose weight & grow in faith, health & wellness!

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The Comprehensive Strategy That Transforms Your Wellness Instantly!!

WHO: This Seminar is for women 40+ who want to lose weight & grow in faith, health & wellness.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 27th at 9am – 10:30am CST
A Recording of the workshop will be provided to all registrants.

WHERE: A private Zoom session inside our pop-up Facebook group. Access to the group will be on the thank-you page after you register. Registration is required.

WHAT: 1.5 Hours of hands-on training that will set you up with a comprehensive strategy to improve your wellness instantly!!

WHY: Because your health & wellness matter and you don't have to stay STUCK! You can more from stuck to unstoppable and from exhausted to energized! We are ready to show you HOW!

BONUS: You will receive your very own 21-day Tracking Tool that will help you to…
1. Become aware of where you are in your wellness
2. Make significant changes right away so you can start moving towards where you want to be!!
3. Take your next steps toward lasting change

Diana Sahakian, PT, MS, MPT
Counselor, Entrepreneur, Wellness Coach 

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